University of Pannonia Nagykanizsa

University Center for Circular Economy


University of Pannonia Nagykanizsa – University Center for Circular Economy

The Campus works along the following values:

Our mission

„The Campus will be the bastion and model of higher education of the countryside regarding its standards of education and research.”

The Campus provides such services and possibilities to its students which are unique, prepare them for the future and the jobs of the future, therefore they are market-oriented and may be exemplary for other higher education institutions in the country. The basis of operation must be the continuous review of the educational portfolio and searching for new possibilities and market niches. The flexibility of the Campus is manifested by its educational levels, training areas and the content of training programmes.

„We ensure supporting environment in challenges in IT, water treatment and tourism for organizations in the industrial and service sector.”

Using the research potential of the Campus we contribute to the development and efficiency of the enterprises in our environment. We generate value, with which we provide solutions for IT problems of our partner institutions, we can serve a wide range of enterprises of water treatment and other institutions with our expertise; furthermore, we contribute to the development of the region with empirical researches for institutions developing the local economy.

Our vision

The Campus will become the determining factor of the region through its researches based on its business relationships and on industrial orders and/or in industrial cooperation. Information technology, water treatment and tourism dominate the educational portfolio of the Campus. With our training programmes we react continuously to the needs of the economy; we are an innovative and flexible Campus with international and Hungarian students.