University of Pannonia Nagykanizsa

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Life at the campus

Parties at the highest level

For a youngster vibrant university life is the most important beside receiving competitive knowledge. PEN means unforgettable experiences, cosy parties and the community where you can make life-long friends. The real strength of our Campus is the youthful, friendly atmosphere, by which our events become more special.

The first step to become a university student is the fresher’s week. It’s an indispensable event because this is when you first meet your lecturers and the other students. The three-day teambuilding starts with the ‘initiation’. With this you will become the member of the team.

At the end of October and before the first exams we have a half term halving party. The traditional and special elements of the OktoPenfeszt is the torch parade in the evening, stew dinner and mulled wine.

At the freshman ball in November you as the princess can meet the prince of your dreams.

The first big party of the new year is the Kocamuri (pig party), whose trademark is the snaps drunk at dawn. On this day the butcher’s team formed by students cut up the pig and prepare dinner. During the day we play games and quizzes to pass time until the evening fest.

In the spring term you can compare your abilities in different outdoor (football, basketball) and table sports (table football and table tennis) at the TVKP, which is the Spring-awaiting Cauldron Party. The party starts after eating the stew made together.Before the exam period you can relax at the Witch Party. At the anti-ball the dress code is black or red, and the braver put on fancy dress inspired by the underworld. The scene is black and red lit by candles. At this point everyone can show their most devil inner side.