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Dear prospective student,

While it cannot be stated unambiguously that adult life begins after graduation, it is certain that your decisions carry weight from now on. The experiences gained during your years in higher education, the relationships, the knowledge and, last but not least, the community will all shape your future.

At the University Center of the University of Pannonia in Nagykanizsa, we are waiting for you with clear and unambiguous values, a direct and friendly environment, well-prepared teachers and numerous programs.

You can start your studies at the University of Pannonia Nagykanizsa - University Center for Circular Economy, where the teaching and research standards are unquestionable. In particular, we recommend to your attention a University Center in Nagykanizsa, whose employees never sit back but are constantly looking for ways to move forward. We encourage our students to learn this ability for renewal from us, for which we provide all the help.

Find a real community here!

Success is not complete without community. This is true for relationships between students, and also for relationships between students and teachers. The possibility of personal contact that you can count on us and we also count on you, is a real value in today’s world.

The entertainment opportunities, various events and programs offered by the University Center lay the foundation for your years in Nagykanizsa to be filled with meaningful relaxation in addition to studying. In addition to the knowledge gained, this is perhaps the most important.

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