University of Pannonia Nagykanizsa

University Center for Circular Economy


Engineering design and development for a circular economy

Tuition fee: 1,800 EUR / semester

The list of documents required for a valid application can be found here:

In case of successful admission you must present your original documents during the enrolment process.

Bank details:

Name of the bank: MKB Nyrt

Account number: 10300002-10802153-00014904

Payable to: Pannon Egyetem

Note on the bank funds transfer form under ‘Info / Inst for beneficiary bank’:

A013000046, **Name of Applicant**, application fee

Address: 8200 Veszprém, Egyetem u.10. Hungary

Swift code: MANE-HUHB

IBAN (International Banking Number): HU55 10300002-10802153-00014904

The admission process

After all the above listed documents are submitted, the applicant needs to pay the registration fee (150EUR), which is non-refundable. Once the fee arrives to the University, the applicant takes part in an interview with the Admission Committee of the University Center. The interview can be online or a personal meeting, depending on the applicant’s preference. Based on the interview, the committee makes a recommendation regarding the admission of the applicant.

In case of a positive decision the University Center sends a Letter of Notification to the applicant. In the Letter of Notification, the applicant will be informed to transfer the tuition fee for the chosen academic programme covering the first 2 semesters and the dormitory fee for two months (300 euros, which may cover 3 months depending on the exchange rate).

After the above mentioned tuition fee and the dormitory fee arrived to the bank account of the University Center, the Official Letter of Admission will be sent to the applicant. The Official Letter of Admission is to be submitted to the Embassy or Consulate of Hungary in the country of the applicant to acquire a visa.

If the visa application is refused, the University of Pannonia will refund the pre-paid tuition fee and the dormitory fee. Please note that the applicant must request the transfer in a written form by indicating the preferred bank account and attaching the decision letter regarding the visa refusal.

All students admitted to the academic programme offered in a foreign language are required to have a valid health insurance for the whole period of residence in Hungary.

Contact: Melinda Holczinger at